5 Best Themes for Elementor in 2019

Are you considering your options to choose an impressive theme for Elementor Page builder?
This post is all about choosing the best theme for Elementor.

Themes for Elementor

These themes are built specifically to satisfy the needs of Elementor users. These themes work flawlessly with Elementor and make your life a lot easier.
What makes a theme best theme for Elementor?
Elementor claims, their page builder can be integrated with any theme. Why we are still curious to find the best theme for elementor?
The answer is:
There are always a few distinct competitors that standouts due to their performance. We have selected those best themes for Elementor to give you an in-depth analysis. It will help you to stay on top of your business. So, these are the main points. We considered while compiling this list for you.

Global Styling

This is all about color, fonts etc of the website. Elementor also provide these controls but at times themes give you more control over font optimization. We will be discussing this in detail later.

Page Level Controls

Customization is a very important aspect since everyone has varied requirement. The ideal elementor theme must give users full control over layout modification, hiding content, enabling or disabling header and footer. These controls help users to create tailored website according to their target audience.


Elementor is popular globally due to its clean code and responsiveness. Similarly, the best theme should be super fast and lightweight. It enables your website to load quickly. Contrary, if you opt for a theme otherwise. It can destroy the overall user experience. Now, it’s time to look for the best elementor theme.

Best Themes For Elementor

WP Page Builder Framework

WP Page Builder Framework
WP Page Builder Framework

What is WP Page Builder Framework?
Page Builder Framework is a theme developed specifically for Page builders. It is easy to customize, mobile responsive and a lightweight theme. Page Builder it ideal to be used with Elementor. There are a lot of features the WP Page Builder framework offers for its users. We are discussing some key features that make it best for Elementor.

Key Features

  • General Setting: The general setting allows you to customize your website. You can do all basic tasks such as layout and background modification, choose an image or color option. Furthermore, you can create a customized social media icon and placed them anywhere on Web-Page. It gives you an option to optimize font as per audience device. You can select desktop, tablet or mobile in typography menu to customize your font.
  • Header and Footer: Header setting is the most outstanding feature of the Page builder framework. Header setting permits you to modify the logo of your website. Additionally, it let you modify logo size, logo URL and much more. Footer setting is another important aspect. Page builder does not offer footer customization. WP Page Builder framework enables you to edit footer of your website. Page Builder framework also offers an exclusive mobile menu for you. It helps you to optimize all your website content for mobile devices.


WP Page Builder framework is available for free. You can use it with Elementor without paying a price. Additionally, it has paid version as well. The paid version offers an annual subscription and lifetime subscription. These versions have a price tag of 58$ and 248$ respectively. The paid version of the WP page builder framework offers you lifetime support and updates. Moreover, you can avail support and updates for your unlimited site at this price. Page Builder providers 14-day money back guarantee on their paid subscriptions. Now, it’s time to wrap up this discussion with the benefits and downside of WP Page builder framework.


  • It is the best available choice for people who are concerned about device optimization.
  • It offers a free version with almost full controls.
  • It is super light-weight only 50 KB front end.


  • It is not efficient if you have the ECommerce Website on Elementor. It can be integrated with WooComerce but can create a loss in revenue.
  • You can suffer due to lack of support if relying on the free version.

Astra WordPress theme

Astra WordPress theme
Astra WordPress theme

What is Astra WordPress theme?
Astra WordPress theme is also developed to cater needs of Page builders. It integrates perfectly with Elementor. Astra has a simple design and excellent speed. Astra WordPress theme provides versatile functionality to its users. Astra provides a unique feature which can enable you to integrate your website with Elementor automatically.

Key Features

  • Unlimited Usage: A single purchase of Astra WordPress theme can be used for as many websites as you want. So, this theme is perfect if you are running an agency or multiple websites.
  • Add-ons: Astra provides a large number of add-ons with its paid version. Astra WordPress theme is designed especially for some famous Page Builders. There is an exclusive add-on available for Elementor as well.
  • Performance: Astra ensures seamless user experience across all devices. So, you don’t need to worry about the responsiveness of the Astra WordPress theme. Astra uses Vanilla Javascript instead of JQuery to improve performance.


Astra WordPress theme is available for free. Moreover, the Pro version is also available. Paid versions are further divided into lifetime and annual subscription. Subscription starts at 59$ and 249$ for annual and lifetime plans respectively. The paid version provides you some exclusive Elementor add-ons. All paid packages of Astra can be used with unlimited websites. Additionally, Astra gives one to one support and training to help you familiarize with the Astra WordPress theme.


  • Outstanding support from Astra team.
  • It works efficiently with WooCommerce.
  • Astra provides training for paid users.
  • It avoids JQuery which degrades the performance of the Website.


  • Pricing is comparatively higher than competitor this is the only drawback of Astra WordPress theme.

OceanWP Theme WordPress

OceanWP Theme
OceanWP Theme

What is OceanWP Theme?

Ocean WP theme WordPress is the best theme in term of its free features. It is compatible with renowned page builders specially Elementor. It provides almost a dozen of extensions in its free version and this makes it distinct. The Key free features include Post slider, demo import, custom slide bar etc.

Key Features

  • Optimization for Performance: You can turn off features not in use to improve the performance of your website. It provides unique functionality to increase conversion by embedding chart pop-up and floating bar. Ocean Theme WordPress claim these features increases the conversion rate up to 13%.
  • WooCommerce Friendly: Ocean WP is the best choice for Elementor based WooCommerce websites. It provides a quick view of the product to make user experience worth visiting again.
  • GDPR Complaint: It is fully compliant with GDPR regulations, informing users about using cookies. Additionally, it also provides search engine optimization as well as device optimization features.


Ocean WP theme WordPress also provides free and paid versions like its competitors. A similar pattern can be observed that paid versions are sub-divided into lifetime and annual subscription. Pricing starts at 39$ and 159$ respectively for Annual and lifetime subscriptions. Contrary to, Astra and Page builder framework Ocean WP does not provide you unlimited usage for every paid. Prominent benefits of paid version are exclusive support, periodic updates, and free extensions.


  • Ocean WP offers a free version for users.
  • It is compatible with all page builders especially Elementor.
  • It provides free templates.
  • Ocean WP is unarguably the best for WooComerce Integration.


  • Ocean WP does not provide unlimited usage in all its paid plans.
  • You need a paid plan to get support.

Generatepress Theme

Generatepress theme
Generatepress theme

What is Generatepress theme?
A perfect lightweight theme built for page builders. It is compatible with major page builders especially Elementor. It is currently in use of more than 100,000 websites. These stats are self-explanatory for its qualities. Generatepress theme considers security, speed, and usability its utmost priority.

Key Features

  • Free but with limited functionality: GeneratePress offers a free version but most of the important modules only come in premium version such as WooCommerce, typography, disable element and many others. ·
  • A range of options for users: GeneratPress offers more than 60 colors for creating a completely tailored website. You can select the best that suits your website from over 70 typography options. Additionally, it gives you an exclusive WooCommerce Module to satisfy needs of sharply increasing online stores. ·
  • Swift Support and Update: GeneratePress is offering quick support and updates. As per recent trends, it is releasing 3 updates per month which makes it attractive for people who want to maintain a top tier position in their business. ·
  • Value Added Services: Premium Version of GeneratePress offers a larges range of value-added services such as a section for creating custom layouts inside your page. Custom Backgrounds, spacing, secondary navigation, custom copy-right message, page header, and WooCommerce are some distinct features of GenertePress Theme.


GeneratePress is available in both premium and free versions. The premium version is currently available in only one payment plan. The price of the premium package is approx. 50$/year. You have 30-days money back guarantee. Moreover, GeneratePress theme offers it, users 40% re-subscription discount. Premium package allowed users to access all templates of the library. The most important aspect of Generate press premium version is its unlimited usage across as many websites as you want for just 50$/Anum and even less in case of re-subscription.


  • It works on Vanilla Javascript which helps to avoid render blocking issues.
  • A very lightweight theme only 30 Kb is the size of the theme.
  • It has a comparatively cheaper premium plan as compared to other top themes.


  • Its free version has very limited option. So, it may be useless for you if running a medium scale website.
  • No Lifetime usage plan available.

Hello Theme Elementor

Hello Elementor Theme
Hello Elementor Theme

What is Hello Theme Elementor?

Hello Theme Elementor is a theme written on Vanilla Javascript. Vanilla is far better as compared to JS Query. It is lightweight and highly responsive theme build for Elementor. It is built to achieve optimum speed and user experience. This is a free theme designed to cater your need if you are using Elementor Page builder.

Key Features

  • Smooth Operation: Hello theme due to its light weight help you to run the web operations smoothly and maintain a high standard of user experience. This is obvious, the user experience is the key to retention and converting visitors into customers.
  • Conversion Funnel: It provides a very unique Sales conversion funnel. Hello, Elementor theme provides you with a Pop-up bar that can be used where you want your customer to go through the sales conversion process.
  • Integration: Hello theme is integration friendly with a range of products. Integration is necessary to build a tailored website. It can be easily integrated with MailChimp, reCAPTCHA, Email Marketing Campaign, Adobe Typekit etc.


It is available for free you don’t need to pay any charges to avail this theme.


  • It is highly responsive due to its light-weight and only the presence of basic functionalities.
  • It is absolutely free for Elementor Page builder users.
  • The response time of hello theme is quite impressive according to benchmark tests. It loads under 1 second.


  • It can only be used with Elementor.

Final Words

We hope this article will help you to decide the best Theme for your Elemertor Page Builder. We have discussed the major key features, Pricing and Pros, and cons of these themes. WP inCare is contributing its part to educate you about the best options you have to choose. Now, you need to evaluate what suits you the best. This article is published for you with an aim to create awareness about the best options and their comparative analysis for you. WP inCare is a team of professionals who are actively working to resolve all your digital needs. We are available across all platforms to answer your queries related to technology. Please give your feedback in the comment section. It helps create better content for you.

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