Astra WordPress Theme Review (2019) is one of the popular self-hosted platforms used worldwide. All you need is web hosting and a domain name.

Because the success of your website depends on the right choice of WordPress product, so it is very important to choose the product wisely. In WordPress, the biggest and user-friendly free open-source CMS, one of its free features is WordPress Theme.

A theme in a WordPress powered website is defined as the templates and stylesheets that specify the overall appearance of the site. The easiest way to find WordPress themes is directly from the WordPress Theme Directory. Remember, the wrong selection of a product can make a real difference in website performance and can wreak havoc on a project.

Since WordPress is the widely used website management systems, there are 30,000+ themes available in the directory from 200+ companies. With thousands of themes available online, you can choose your favorite theme for a website/blog.

“Astra Theme” is the fastest theme of all times. Build with SEO in mind, this theme integrates with page builders successfully.

In this article, we will try to look into ASTRA WordPress Theme. We will discuss the following points in order to learn about Astra:

What is the Astra WordPress Theme?

Astra Theme
Astra Theme

Developed by Brainstorm force (the WP Development Company operating for more than 10 years), Astra is one of the first items featured in the products section. It is a fast, beautiful and fully customizable theme suitable for blog, business website, personal portfolio, and WooCommerce storefront.

When it comes to rating of Astra theme at, it is top rated with 300,000+ active installations worldwide and a high 5-star rating from 2090 out of 2126 user ratings.

Astra Installation and Ratings
Astra Installation and Ratings

Astra WordPress Theme Features

When it comes to selecting a theme for the website, we research the theme and try to compare the features of the themes with other competitors. Here’s a detailed REVIEW of Astra WordPress Theme performance and features.


  • Less than 50 KB: It’s no surprise that Astra is very lightweight (<50KB on frontend) as compared to other WordPress themes.
  • Loading time: Being the most lightweight theme, it takes less than 0.5 seconds to load.
  • No jQuery: Astra theme uses Vanilla JavaScript for better performance.
  • Optimized code: Astra follows the best coding standards (uses default WordPress data) to make sure that every single piece of code is optimized.

Powerful Design Options:

  • Layouts: Manage the layout of the site; headers, posts, blogs, single pages, etc.
  • Transparent Header: Sets a transparent header background.
  • Header and Footer Options: The theme comes with several header and footer options.

    Astra Header and Footer Options
    Astra Header and Footer Options
  • Sticky Header: Even when the user scrolls down, the sticky header sticks on the top of the page to allow the user to quickly access the menu.
  • Page Headers: Set custom page headers to show them up on the posts of your website and specific pages.
  • Mobile Headers: You can customize header breakpoints, menu styles, colors, set a different logo, etc. for your mobile device.
  • Mega Menu: This helps you to create beautiful templates with the page builder of your choice.
  • Dedicated Sidebar: This allows you to create page specific sidebars. Further, you can override your website default sidebar settings.
  • Colors & Typography: Choose colors and fonts that should integrate with your brand. With this feature, you can easily manage the Typography and colors of the entire website.
  • WooCommerce Ready: Astra helps you to build and design the fast and attractive store easily. It is completely WooCommerce ready!

Site Layouts:

  • Boxed: You can display your main content in a boxed layout that will help you to distinguish it from the other content available on the page.
  • Spacing Control: This addon allows you to manage the paddings and margins around all the elements.
  • Padded: You can give a padded look to your content by inserting specific margins on its edges.
  • Fluid Layout: You can select the fluid layout that will allow you to stretch the entire site till the end of your screen.


  • Google Fonts: As many as you want, this theme gives you an option to select from 700+ Google fonts for your website.
  • Responsive Font Size: You can control the size of typography according to the device.
  • Custom Fonts: You can import any custom font by using the free Custom Fonts plugin.
  • Paragraph Margin Option: You can easily manage the spacing between paragraphs by using the margin option.
  • Text Transform: You can text transform and can also select a uniform format for a heading tag.

Colors & Background:

  • Primary Header: You can control the Colors & Background on your website, within the primary header, and the same goes for mobile and desktop.
  • Above Header: Set the colors and background for your mobile phones and on your site above header too!
  • Below Header: Astra lets you change the color and background of everything within your below header.
  • Blog / Archive: You can control the colors on your archive pages and blogs through Astra’s color & background customizer settings.
  • Sidebar: You can customize the sidebar colors and background using Astra’s settings in the customizer.
  • Transparent Header: Astra gives you an option to set different colors and change them on the transparent header!
  • Content: You can manage the colors of content from a single place.
  • Footer: Along with various options available within the headers, Astra gives you the control to manage and change colors on the footer too.

Blog Layouts:

  • Grid Layout: Astra WordPress Theme showcases all your blog posts, using the blog layouts, in a grid layout manner.
  • Masonry Layout: You can display your blogs in a masonry layout too.
  • Date Box: You can display the blog published date in style.
  • Blog Structure Control: Astra allows you to control how individual posts/blogs are displayed on a blog page.
  • Post Pagination: You can add stylish pagination for blog posts distribution within several pages.
  • List Layout: You can display your posts in a list layout, i.e. post one after the other.
  • Excerpt Count: You can fetch excerpts (summary of the post) to be displayed with your blog post on the page.
  • Highlight First Post: Astra gives you an option to highlight the first post on your blog list.
  • Blog Content Width: Control the content width of your blog page easily by using the blog content width option.

    Astra Blog Content Layout
    Astra Blog Content Layout


  • Grid Settings: Astra WordPress Theme WooCommerce module allows you to display blogs in a grid layout manner.
  • Off-Canvas Sidebar: You can add an off-canvas sidebar that remains out of the screen but can be triggered through a link or button on the Shop page.

    Off Canvas Sidebar
    Off Canvas Sidebar
  • Gallery Options: Astra lets you display (set the list or grid layout) all your products on your Shop page.

    Astra Gallery Layout Options
    Astra Gallery Layout Options
  • Sales Bubble Style: It is advisable to add trendy sales bubbles on your products to boost sales.
  • Infinite Scroll: Astra allows you to load all the products on your shop single page. Choose infinite loading options that will load products all in once when the users scroll down.
  • Dropdown Cart: You can show a cart for Astra Woocommerce that let users see and delete their products, if any, that have been added to the cart.


  • LifterLMS: Astra LifterLMS helps you build distraction-free and an attractive online course website.
  • Schema Integrated: The schema markup implementation helps search engines to understand your website in a better way.
  • SEO Optimized: Built for speed and following the best coding standards to create a good website structure, Astra WordPress (SEO friendly theme) comes with inbuilt schema markups for you to get better results.
  • Page Builder Integration: In the past, we have seen that many themes were designed without page builder integration, but Astra is not the same and works seamlessly with page builders like:
    1. Elementor
    2. Divi Builder
    3. Beaver Builder
    4. Visual Composer
    5. Site Origin
    6. Thrive Architect

    Supported Page Builders
    Supported Page Builders

The default editor of WordPress is Gutenberg, that has the potential to help people to write better. In short, it is more than an editor. The good thing about Astra WordPress Theme is the inbuilt compatibility with the Beaver Builder. When designing pages with Beaver, Astra automatically chooses the Full-Width layout without Page Title and Sidebar to allow the user to start creating their pages immediately and without changing all the settings. Check out the video that explains how it works:

Installing and Importing Astra Sites

It is hard and time-consuming to build a website with a blank page. You need to come up with a lot of things like the design of the website, content, images, etc. This takes a long way to go. However, Astra WordPress Theme saves a lot of your precious time by allowing you to import readymade Astra Starter Sites from its library so that you can customize them as per your needs. The good news is that you don’t need to design a website from scratch.

Astra Pre Built Websites
Astra Pre Built Websites

Astra Starter Sites are available with WordPress default editor Gutenberg and page builders –Elementor, Brizy, and Beaver Builder.

Astra Starter Sites Plugin

A starting point and a little setup are always helpful. Create professionally designed websites in minutes with the best plugin that gives the user access to 90+ pre-made website demos. You just need to select the demo, import, tweak, and go live!

Full Website Templates For You’ll find the complete starter sites for

  • Various types of agencies
  • Restaurants
  • Financial advisors
  • Interior designers
  • Pet services
  • Makeup artists
  • Health-based sites (doctors, dentists, etc.)
  • Fitness and Sport
  • Construction
  • Education and courses
  • Food and drink

These starter sites are built with different page builders and can be imported in your new website with just a few clicks, and then you can customize them as per your requirements.

Pricing: Free vs PRO

The Astra WordPress theme comes in free (limited features) and pro version. The free version has excellent speed and is downloadable from the WordPress directory. However, Astra Pro is a powerful multipurpose version that makes Astra the perfect theme.

At WP inCare, we understand the value of premium version when designing a website. By opting for an Astra Pro Theme, you come out of limitations imposed by the free version. Astra Pro offers more advanced features and helps you customize your website in a unique manner. There are a number of packages available for the pro version.

Annual vs Lifetime packages

The annual version: Renewed every year

Lifetime version: One-off purchase.

Astra Packages
Astra Packages

Have a look at the number of Astra Theme bundles:

  1. Astra Pro ($59)
  2. Mini Agency Bundle ($169)
  3. Agency Bundle ($249)

You can choose the bundle according to your needs and budget. As a one-off buyer (web designer), the Pro version of Astra is probably suitable for you. But if you’re a repeat designer or own a web design agency, then the Agency bundle will help you go long-term because of its countless possible functions. The agency bundle will also allow you to access the full starter site design library.

Astra Pro Features
Astra Pro Features

Money Back Guarantee:

You can get a refund on your Astra Pro package, if not fully satisfied with the features.

Support 24/7

When you own a business website or an eCommerce store, you sometimes face problems on the site that could harm your goodwill and might lead to a potential loss of revenue.

At Astra support, your issues are resolved soon they are reported, and the team even add new features as per your request. Also, you can join Astra user forums on facebook to give your feedback, ask questions to the authors, and help other members of the group.

Astra Support
Astra Support

Final Thoughts

Without any doubt, Astra is one of the best and widely used free WordPress themes around.

For professionals, a minimum of $59 per year gives you hundreds of styling and layout options. So, what are you waiting for? Give wings to your website by a good selection of Astra WordPress Theme pro version.

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WP inCare can develop your website using Astra for you. Contact us today, We will be more than happy to serve you.

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